About us

About us


This is a story about friends and their dream. The dream to reach the highest peak in Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


During the journey to reach the highest peak of Africa personal goals and ambitions turned into something far greater. Once we were confronted with the realisation that so many people are not as privileged as us. At the same time, we were deeply moved by people doing everything they can to make a difference for the local community. Making big efforts to change the future of the local women and children. A change that is badly needed, especially when it comes to education. There’s desperate need to enhance the chances of a brighter future and to establish a solid foundation of self-sufficiency.

That’s how Moving Mountains was born.

We think children deserve a better future and that’s why we are dedicated to help. We cannot do this alone, but

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Meet the team

What started off as an initiative from a group of ambitious friends, has evolved into a professional team of dedicated people. A group of people that saw the need to help and are now selflessly working on the project to spread the word, ensuring there’s a transparent and professional organization and raise funds for the school project.

In addition to the people on the board, we also have partners who work with us on a regular basis to achieve our mission.

  • John Benning – Board member

  • Christiaan Verschoor – Chairman

  • Sophie Nieuwenhuijs – Treasurer

  • Ayesha Sitter – Board member

  • Tristan Reemer – Board member

  • Rubya Trouerbach – Secretariat

  • We empower, connect, act