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The Project

Our first project is building a secondary school in Ngabobo Tanzania. A school for children of underprivileged Maasai families. There is a desperate need to build this school since there’s currently only one other secondary school in the region. This makes it impossible for a lot of children to pursue education. This school would provide a secondary school education for four years for 40 children every year. In total, the school could accommodate 160 children per year. This would enable girls who would otherwise be married in an early stage of their youth or boys who would be responsible for herding the cattle, to continue their education and have hope for a better life. The total amount required to accomplish the fully functional secondary boarding school is €100.000.

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The Moving Mountains Foundation is driven by a group of individuals united by an unwavering passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. What distinguishes our group is not only our shared commitment to volunteering but also the rich diversity of backgrounds and expertise each of us brings to the table. The genesis of our mission can be traced back to a transformative journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, a defining moment that ignited our collective desire to effect meaningful change in the world. Let’s meet! Watch our video or click on the button below.

“We are quite literally building
a foundation for a brighter future”

Our mission

Everything we do is dedicated to delivering self-sustainable aid for those in need. Our foundation is built from the love and passion of helping others. Together with Dr. Cornelia, we are currently building a secundary school in Tanzania. A school that will help educate the children in the Maasai region to give them a better chance of a brighter future.

To make this dream come true we need a total of €100.000 euros. In positive news, construction on the school has already started and now we need your help to finish it.

We are not shy and we put in all kinds of efforts like climbing mountains, running marathons and even making a documentary to raise funds and awareness. We are thankful for every effort that’s being made.

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